Who is Delvalle?

Delvalle has more than 45 years of experience using the latest technology to implement and obtain the most innovative products on offer to all our customers.

Our range of stainless steel enclosure, consoles, racks, etc., is a clear example of our constant technological innovation, and has introduced onto the market the possibility of making any model to measure on request and designed by you.

Delvalle goes a step ahead of other companies. Our cabinets are the most reliable of the market thanks to the technical improvements added in the last years. They are the result of long research to know what is most important to our customers.

Considering the fact that Delvallebox has obtained the highest standards (certified by international entities such as SGS, UL and TÜV, Ineris...), we can say that Delvalle is a company with a light structure and a global mind, capable of adapting to the needs of every customer.

That versatility allows us to manufacture products in a very short time, using high quality materials.

We are proud of our name and we assume a great responsibility when we label our products with Delvalle; our level of commitment requires us to create the best enclosures in the market.



One of the principles which ruled the origins of Delvallebox was quality. Being certified under UNE EN ISO 9001 demands that both our internal management and our production system be subject to exhaustive controls. These controls affect the quality of raw materials, customer service, details of manufacturing, waste management, etc.

We have a legacy for future generations and the way to preserve it is by protecting our planet and educating children to care for the environment. None of the products manufactured by Delvalle produce direct contamination during their operations. We are very concerned in order that the ecological footprint of our products will be reduced.

Bearing in mind our customers as we manufacture their products is our most prominent feature. Giving a customized solution to every need and offering professional advice in every circumstance are other characteristics that define Delvalle.


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ISO 9001 Certificate · Cableglandsfast

ISO 9001 Certificate

ISO 14001 Certificate · Cableglandsfast

ISO 14001 Certificate

ISO 45001 Certificate · Cableglandsfast

ISO 45001 Certificate

LOM 14 ATEX 9050 Certificate · Cableglandsfast

LOM 14 ATEX 9050 Certificate

IECEx Quality Certificate · Cableglandsfast

IECEx Quality Certificate